Today, we launch Very Merry Berry. It has taken us 34 months of hard work, passion, sweat, tears and a few cheers to get here. We have however, stayed true to our vision of bringing you the very best of ‘Made in Spain’ through a luxurious and exclusive children’s fashion collection and home décor line for babies and kids at affordable prices.

Very Merry Berry is the home of ‘Affordable Luxury for Little People’: a place where you can find children’s fashion to rival the best upmarket designer brands at high street prices. We make amazingly beautiful soft furnishings, decorative accessories, and clothing. We showcase the best of high-end Spanish children’s fashion and home décor, without ever compromising on design, quality or style.

The idea for Very Merry Berry was born in 2011, when our founder was pregnant with her first child. Although she is a seasoned shopper, she was unable to find ethically made, well priced, luxurious and colourful products for her baby at prices that wouldn’t break the bank. She thought that there must be other like-minded parents out there. After the birth of her second child in 2015, the idea started to become a reality with the help of two fellow partners.

Our commitment to our customers at Very Merry Berry is to offer the finest quality at affordable prices. Stunning, classic fashion collections, where the quality of every item, attention to detail and the craftsmanship remain second-to-none.We have obsessed over every single finishing touch, the palette of colours, practicality, durability, ease of care, provenance … every piece has been made with the utmost love and care! We create products that are made to last and to be passed down.

Our products are a living blueprint for our values and our dedication to deliver on our promise has held steady despite its many challenges. To be blunt, we do not sell anything that we would not buy ourselves, and we sell at the lowest price that we can afford to.

Very Merry Berry: Timeless and Practical Children’s Fashion


At the heart of Very Merry Berry’s children‘s fashion collection are the elegant designs for which Spanish childrenswear has become renowned worldwide. Our kids’ fashion label offers beautifully made practical clothing – timeless classics, ranging from everyday wear to garments for special occasions. Each one of our dresses, coats, jumpers, shirts (along with every other item in our collection) has been designed and manufactured with exquisite attention to detail.

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