With thousands of talented fashion designers around the world, it is sad that you, the reader, only has access to a see a select few of their dresses online. We want to change that.

The collection of dresses below has been assembled by the combined efforts of some amazing models and photographers from around the globe. OK, so they had some help from some serious brand names with great taste in dresses. We hope you enjoy viewing the collection of dress photos as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

The featured photo is by none other than the excellent photographer Klaus Kampert. It is a photo of a dancer in motion, but that does not detract from the beauty of the dress she is wearing.

Fashion Photography By Daria Zaytseva

Fashion Photography By Daria Zaytseva

Dress From Zara Via 365 Days

Dress From Zara Via 365 Days

Kate Moss In That Dress And Those Shoes

Kate Moss In That Dress And Those Shoes

Amy Valentine In Dress By AX Paris And Bag By Lulu Guinness

Amy Valentine In Dress By AX Paris And Bag By Lulu Guinness

Jane Dean In Dress From inlovewithfashion

Jane Dean In Dress From in love with fashion

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