The featured photo, courtesy of Brazilian Ellis Beach Wear says it all. Swimwear and beachwear has to be sexy, and done the Brazilian way, it is.

No fashion website is complete without a serious page on swimwear and beachwear. It is simply an integral part of all things fashion. So, here it is: Just The Design’s take on what is both fashionable and sexy in swimwear and beachwear in the year 2019.

Mafalda Castro is wearing a white bikini from Latitid, Kimono from Primark and sunglasses from Zero UV

Mafalda Castro is wearing a white bikini from Latitid, Kimono from Primark and sunglasses from Zero UV

Shea Marie is wearing a bikini from She Made Me, bracelets from Mizuki and the a navel ring from XIV Karats

Shea Marie is wearing a bikini from She Made Me, bracelets from Mizuki and the a navel ring from XIV Karats

 Jessica Stein Wearing Lisa Marie Fernandez Bikini, And Volcom Hat

Jessica Stein  Wearing Lisa Marie Fernandez Bikini, And Volcom Hat

Nicole Trunfio Perfectly Dressed For The Beach By The Free People

Nicole Trunfio Perfectly Dressed For The Beach By The Free People

Bikini Swimwear From MIKOH

Bikini Outfit By Stone Fox Swim

Summer Fashion Inspiration

Summer Fashion Inspiration

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