I cry inside when I see a guy going to an office carrying a backpack. Stop doing that. School days are over, so use your backpack only when you’re travelling. 

So, what you should use for your everyday stuff, office, meetings, shopping etc? The coolest bag you can carry today is this new Everyday Tote

Made from 100% vegan leather. It’s waterproof, environmentally friendly and the best part super stylish. 

The Everyday Tote is …

  • For everyday use on your commute 
  • Waterproof and durable for every weather 
  • Light, slim and easy to carry 
  • Perfect capacity for your daily needs 
  • Looks super elegant and stylish. 

Here’re the specs for the Everyday Tote

  • Dimensions: With 37cm H x 8cm W x 30cm L it can hold easily your Laptop and daily necessities. When this is not enough you can increase the height to 46cm.
  • Weight: 260g
  • Inside Pocket: Quick access for smaller things that you need more frequently with 17.5cm width and 15.5cm height.
  • Pen Pocket: Inside Pocket is 5cm wide and ready to keep any pen you have.
  • Outside Pocket: 17cm width and 13.5cm height. This pocket can hold any passport or wallet.
  • Shoulder Strap Length: Fully adjustable from 68cm to 80cm (End to End)

This new Tote is simple and utilitarian, but also super stylish. You need all of these and more in a Tote bag. After all, you’ll be carrying it all day, every day. The right one should keep its shape, look great, and make you happy every time you pick it up.

Everyday tote
Everyday tote
Everyday tote
Everyday tote

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