Although we are in the midst of a heat wave and the summer sales are in full swing, most retailers are already focusing on finalizing their new Autumn/Winter 2019 fashion collections.

At Very Merry Berry we are always keeping a close eye on the top trends likely to dominate children’s fashion in the coming months, so for those who are already planning ahead for what to put on their little ones when the temperatures start to drop, we’ve put together this short guide to the fashion trends hitting kids’ fashion this Autumn/Winter.

Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of mini-fashionistas in social media platforms like Instagram, and as a result kid’s fashion has become fast-moving and more cutting edge.

When it comes to babies we are firm believers in comfort above all else, but when it comes to toddlers and children up to 8 years old there is a lot of ground to cover.

Here are our insights on the biggest upcoming trends in kid’s fashion and some practical advice on key pieces to invest in.

  1. Dots, Stars and Stripes…

Retro fabrics always make an appearance in the colder months of the year. Whether you are shopping for boys or girls, these classic patterned fabrics are right on trend. Add a touch of fun to boys’ shirts with soft natural fabrics featuring coloured stars, polka dots or stripes – they always look super cute.

To complete the look, combine patterned shirts with shorts for toddlers up to age 4 and throw in some suspenders to increase the classic, chic factor and add a touch of ‘wow’ to any outfit.

As for the girls, shimmering polka dot fabrics in neutral colours will look spectacular for special celebrations.

  1. Country Chic & Scottish Highlands

The country-chic look is still going strong. Classic light florals in pastels colours, liberty-style prints, and smocked dresses or dresses with collars will continue to feature firmly in the Autumn/Winter fashion racks, due to the huge influence that Princess Charlotte is having on girl’s fashion trends.

For boys, a ‘Scottish / Highlands’ inspired trend is also on the cards this Autumn/Winter, again driven by what the young Windsors are wearing. Fair Isle patterned jumpers, like the ones Prince George has worn on several occasions, and tartan patterned shorts in red, blue and grey shades are classics that are showing no sign of going out of fashion…

  1. Textural Tweeds & Checks for Boys

Retro and classic styles have made a big comeback in kids’ fashion. Fun, playful styles with textural fabrics in cool colours are right on trend. Choose coloured tweeds and chunky knits for the boys – the outfits can be dressed up or down and worn every day or on special occasions.

Checks, whether on shorts or shirts, will always look stylish and look fantastic when paired with plain coloured shorts, corduroy, or velour trousers.

  1. Timeless Partywear – Satin, Velvet, Velour & Lace

Neutral shades like beige or cream will always feature when it comes to children’s formalwear – they sell! Party dresses for girls in off-white shades with lace overskirts, and big satin or taffeta sashes in shades of pink to add a pop of colour are classics that look beautiful and sophisticated. Velour trousers for boys are another Autumn/Winter classic for more formal occasions.

We mustn’t forget pink party dresses. Pink featured heavily in summer fashion collections and will continue to do so throughout winter in a whole myriad of shades. You will find dresses with pink ruffles, intricate fabrics, and let’s not forget the tutus – which are still going strong.

Pair party dresses with bolero style cardigans or luxurious coats to add a touch of colour, warmth and texture to the look.

  1. Cool Outwear

Last but not least, keeping the little ones warm is key. Quilted jackets and coats look adorable on babies and toddlers. Duffle coats for boys with hoods to protect them from the elements are always a win-win fashion statement.

This winter, like every other winter, we will see coats in classic colours like navy, grey and light blue. However, high-end designers are also betting big on bright colours to add a touch of fun, style and personality to children’s outfits. Metallic silver or gold jackets have featured heavily on the catwalks.

Bold colours are the best way to let your children explore their creative side. Play with the wide range of fun winter colours available in outerwear. We are particularly loving red and aubergine this winter for girls.


Come September, the temperatures should drop, and it will be time to think about stocking up on some Autumn/Winter essentials. So, we hope that you will have found this Very Merry Berry forecast for the top trends in kid’s fashion for Autumn-Winter 2018/19 useful!

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